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Automated Storage And Retrieval System History

- Dec 05, 2017 -

The  concept of storage has a long history, dating back to the early days of  humankind, the wild berries that were collected at that time, and the  beast that lay, and when the meal was out of use, people would store the  extra. However, the emergence of a proper noun "warehousing" has undergone a long history of evolution. As an upper stage of warehousing, "automated warehouse" is closely  related to the rapid development of logistics and its research and  development.

Automated warehouse from generation to now has gone through roughly  five stages, both manual storage phase, mechanical storage phase,  automated storage phase, integrated storage phase, intelligent storage  phase.

In the 1950s, there was a three-dimensional warehouse in the United States that used a bridge-type stacking crane:

The end of the 1960s, the driver operation of the roadway stacker crane warehouse:


In 1963, the United States took the lead in using computer control  technology in elevated warehouses to establish the first  computer-controlled three-dimensional warehouse. Since then, the  automated warehouse has developed rapidly in the developed  industrialized countries of the EU and has formed a special discipline.

In the mid-1960s, Japan began building automated warehouse.

Since  the 1970s, the developed countries vigorously promoted the automation,  standardization and informationization of product logistics and the  development of centralized distribution centers for urban goods. They  all set up large-scale automated three-dimensional warehouses in  succession. In the 1980s, the automated three-dimensional warehouses  developed rapidly throughout the world and used almost Involves all industries.

In  1963, China's Ministry of Machinery developed the first bridge crane,  in 1980 China's Ministry of Machinery developed the first  computer-controlled automated three-dimensional warehouse. In  the 21st century, automation pallet trucks, shelves and so on have been  rapidly developed in our country. Automated warehouse first widely used  in large-sized state-owned enterprises such as tobacco and medicine.  After 2010, the automated warehouse has entered all walks of life in our  country, in particular, Development  period, making a lot of demand for logistics and distribution centers,  prompting various e-commerce enterprises have set up their own logistics  and distribution centers, from automated warehouse to the formal  intelligence.

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