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automated storage and retrieval system advantages

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Often we neglect the free space, we never ask what can be left unused space, but this has great value in the storage system.

Automated  storage retrieval systems, like a vertical horse or a vertical  elevator, utilize unused headroom, saving up to 60% to 80% of ground  resources and making significant use of rack storage potential.

This automatic storage retrieval system, designed with rotating  shelves, these shelves through the control system is constantly recycled  supplies, access is simple.

Ground space can be reallocated through the storage of goods. This improved method of using space can also improve the useful life of fixed assets. This system is particularly suitable for warehousing systems where inventory is high.

Due to their vertical design, different goods can be placed on  different shelves, saving more space, saving time in retrieving goods  and improving work efficiency.

Save space time money

Saving space is just a small part of the benefits of this device. There are many reasons why this system saves you time and money while saving space. Below we will do a detailed introduction of the advantages of the system

Advantages  1: The traditional static storage system takes workers 70% of the time  to find the items they need, with automatic storage retrieval system  operators can automatically retrieve the inventory directory, eliminate  unnecessary walking time and retrieval time . The  storage of goods through the control system in the channel directory is  an ideal, easy to view the height of display, usually waist high. This automatic retrieval system takes only 30% of the time compared to the operator's walking and searching times. This can reduce labor costs by 66%, even when labor is scarce, the average productivity can still be increased by 2.5 times.

Advantages  2: Compared with the traditional storage system, this system also has  advantages in the time and accuracy of picking up the goods. The  system is implemented by the controller and software, and some items  can be accessed either in bulk or directly, thus increasing throughput  by 500%. Through the position controller, information display, bar code  scanning device, directory management system and control software, in  fact access efficiency can be increased 99.99%, the throughput can be  increased by 500%.

Advantage 3: Excess and unnecessary operation can be greatly reduced. Through the improvement, we can shift the time spent on the operation to serve the customers. Automatic storage retrieval system can be used in conjunction with ERP  and WMS software to provide an accurate inventory of inventory.

Advantages  4: Automatic retrieval system is a completely closed system, thus  preventing the goods from external damage and theft of the staff. For this reason, inventory catalogs can be simplified. When a person enters the system, the system can be limited and tracked to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering. At the same time, we can make a "green" account. Green does not  pollute the environment and always makes our wish, but it is often  difficult to achieve.

Advantages  5: Thanks to the space saving of this system, under the same  circumstances we can build a smaller but more efficient building which  saves 15% space, conserves natural resources and reduces maintenance  costs, Improve space utilization and reduce carbon emissions.

Advantages 6: This system reduces the operator in the warehouse to move around and work to ensure the safety of personnel. Reduce the potential risk of personal injury and reduce the  loss of life and death claims and loss of work during the rehabilitation  period.

       Automatic storage retrieval system is designed to reduce the space occupied by inventory, improve space utilization. There  are also some other advantages. When these advantages and space-saving  are linked together, the goal of saving money and improving the  production efficiency can be achieved and the profit of the enterprise  can be maximized.

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