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Automated Storage And Retrieval System Cost

- Dec 05, 2017 -

The  emergence and development of automated warehouse was the result of  production and technological development after World War II. In  the early 1950s, an elevated warehouse with overhead pallets appeared  in the United States. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, overhead cabs  of crane-operated stacker cranes operated by drivers appeared. In 1963,  the United States took the lead in establishing computer-controlled  technology in overhead warehouses The first computer controlled overhead warehouse. Since  then, automated overhead warehouses have grown rapidly in the United  States and Europe and have shaped specialized disciplines. In the mid-1960s, Japan began to build high-bay warehouses and was  growing faster and faster, making it one of the countries with the  highest number of automated overhead silos in the world today.

Today,  Wal-Mart, Coles, Amazon, Nike's entire warehouse are three-dimensional,  with automatic transmission picking belt, narrow lane picking machine,  high storage and automatic delivery of goods, pulling poor, packaged  until loading. Most of the picking process can be seen manually in the single-piece  loading part. In the process of loading and unloading, it is also used  according to the different performance of MHE for the best  cost-effectiveness, and the tracking application of the system is also  in place.

Our  research on elevated storage and material handling equipment started  not too late. In 1963, it was developed as the first bridge-type  stacking crane (Beijing Institute of Lifting and Transport Machinery,  Ministry of Machinery). In 1973, China began to develop the first Computer-controlled  automated high-rise warehouse (15 meters high, the Ministry of  Machinery Beijing Institute of Lifting and Transport Machinery), the  library put into operation in 1980. However,  today's Chinese e-commerce sales have reached 1.2 trillion yuan in 2012  and are expected to rise to 2.57 trillion yuan in 2015 or so. However,  taking "No.1 store" as an example, the warehouse loading and unloading  depends more on labor and some system tracking lags behind the large  family belonging to Wal-Mart. From a broad sense of automation, various  saving such as equipment, information and information transmission Cost-effective means of improving the application of such a high in  foreign countries, so low in the country, people can not help but  bewildered, the question comes from:

1, the domestic labor costs are also growing, the risk is also high, but why is human-sea tactics?

2, in addition to the problem of labor costs, what restricts our  warehouse application of efficient automated management tools to improve  efficiency and reduce costs?

3, the cost of automation: If it is the project management warehouse,  the beginning of the investment is indeed relatively high, the warehouse  is semi-mechanized, semi-automated application of improved cases?

First, what factors affect the implementation of warehouse automation?

Summarized everyone's point of view, the impact of the implementation  of warehouse automation factors can be summarized as the following:

1, artificial and automated which lower cost a direct impact on whether the implementation of automation. Relatively  low labor costs, a huge amount of equipment investment, investors are  more willing to obtain high returns with low investment. Last year, Foxconn, which shouted to start a full-scale robot instead  of being made manually, suspended the "Robotic Army Program".

2, the company size and storage support enterprises choose automation. If  the company's scale and storage capacity are less than a certain  extent, purchasing a large amount of automation equipment and  professional management personnel will result in the waste of  investment. Therefore, such enterprises as Nike and Wal-Mart have  relatively large market share and stable operation, automation is  relatively superior s Choice;

3, the company's management experience, awareness of the company's decision to warehouse automation. If  the company's management does not have a comprehensive understanding of  the advantages brought by automation and control, it is difficult to  promote the implementation of automation within the company; especially  for manufacturing enterprises, the main operating areas in the  production line, warehouse (raw material warehouse, finished product  warehouse ) Usually get the attention is not high, even if attention is  generally in order to speed up the turnover, the compression area for  the direction of the necessity of automation is not naturally put the  priority.

4,  Industry characteristics also directly affect the implementation of  automation, such as tobacco, alcohol, beverages, pharmaceuticals,  automobiles, clothing and other industries, a single package or  standard, a huge consumer fast consumer goods or a single product higher  value-added automation The benefits of larger, small quantities and more varieties,  packaging, irregular size and other customized products more suitable  for artificial operation;

5, the future uncertainty about whether automation can be implemented. Automation  equipment is a fixed asset, a huge investment, if the forecast for the  future is not allowed, the decline in storage volume, will inevitably  lead to waste of investment projects, warehousing orders increased, the  size of the device is too small to meet the need, directly to a greater  automation Expansion spending; relative to the artificial can call the immediate,  play that go to the flexibility, the advantage is not obvious;

6, whether the operating system within the company have the ability to match the smooth implementation of automation. Order System, Inventory Management System, Conveyor System, Forklift Navigation System, PBL (Pick ByLight / PTL (Put To Light)  systems, and their data exchange network connectivity, including signal  strength (especially under pressure) for real-time transparency and  contingency plans. Whether  future long-term environmental models and strategies can be  strategically foreseen in the current production environment and  requirements, such as Bulk / PickFace / PBL-PTL flexibility, Conveyor  system load-bearing / size tolerance, reverse logistics handling, Upgrade space, etc., are very test designers and implementers.

Club  members have participated in a logistics center with private  enterprises using AS / RS, tens of millions of this set of equipment,  CEOs use analog video to broadcast to you about the degree of automation  of their warehousing center, I feel the enterprise "not bad money,  quite rich "But  in a circle, the actual situation is very different. The equipment is  really advanced. The picking is automatic and fast. It is also good for  the bulk cargoes, workers and equipment that need to be unpacked, but  can not keep up with the trucking companies. Ship  dock is also very small, pick-good goods piling up in the shipping  area, the equipment had to stop, the workers can only chat while waiting  for loading, so can not allow automation equipment in the warehouse a  meteoric rise suddenly, the entire The rhythm of the warehouse is also important.

7,  Facilities and equipment management capabilities and supplier  management capabilities also affect the smooth implementation of  automation. Such as response time, service costs, coordination and coordination. The  more automated libraries there are, the more potential bottlenecks.  Daily precautions and tests become mandatory tasks compared to regular  maintenance, which usually requires only builders. Currently, the  capabilities and range of such service providers in the country are also  Will be a challenge

8, personnel training, maintenance and discipline execution is also the challenge that automation must face. Automation  is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, requires trained trained  hands to operate, on the other hand requires the person to make repeated  mechanical movements, requiring people to operate as a machine  generally no difference in the frequency, amplitude, to now After looking at the characteristics of the workforce after 90,  looking for a suitable operational team is a major challenge for  managers.

9, the level of awareness of security is also affecting the automation process. Mature  established enterprises in Europe and America that "safe" in the  storage center will always be the first need to be considered. Some  domestic and foreign enterprises in Europe, even if the calculated  return on investment is ugly, some multinational corporations set up  warehousing centers in China. Regardless of the design or operation,  they will bring the shadow of foreign headquarters warehouses and refer  to the design standards and requirements of their global warehousing  centers. For example, NIKE was designed according to the LEED green standard in  the logistic center design of Taicang and also got the platinum  certification. The return rate of investment is "relegated to  second-line" in front of safety.

Second, the perfect automated warehouse?

Let us look at the advantages of automated warehouse:

1,  due to take full advantage of the vertical warehouse space, the storage  capacity per unit area is much larger than ordinary single-storey  warehouse (usually single-storey 4-7 times). At present, the world's tallest three-dimensional warehouse up to 40 meters, capacity up to 300,000 cargo space.

2, All mechanized and automated warehouse operations, on the one hand  can greatly save manpower, reduce labor costs, on the other hand can  greatly improve operational efficiency.

3, the use of computer storage management, you can easily do "first  in, first out" and prevent the natural aging of goods, deterioration,  rust, but also to avoid the loss of goods.

4, cargo concentration, easy to control and management, especially the  use of electronic computers, not only to achieve the job of automatic  control, but also for information processing.

5, can better adapt to the dark, cold, toxic and other special environmental requirements. For example, film studios store film reels in an automated warehouse.  Computer control allows film reels to be moved in and out of storage  completely under dark conditions.

6, the use of pallet or container storage of goods, cargo damage rate significantly reduced.

The same is true of automated stereos:

1, due to the complex structure of automated warehouse, supporting  equipment are more, so the infrastructure and equipment investment  needed is relatively large.

2, shelf mounting accuracy requirements, construction is more difficult, and the corresponding longer duration.

3, storage flexibility is small, it is difficult to cope with the peak demand. Difficult to cope with multiple types of storage needs.

4. There are certain restrictions on the types of goods that can be  stored. A separate storage system is needed to store long, large and  bulky goods as well as goods requiring special storage conditions.

5,  automated warehouse, overhead cranes, automatic control systems are all  highly technical equipment, high maintenance requirements, it must rely  on suppliers, in case of system failure to get timely technical  assistance. This increases the dependence on suppliers.

6, Before the establishment of the library process design  requirements, when used in production should be strictly in accordance  with the process operations.

7, over-reliance on automation there will be a big risk, such as when  an unplanned power outage, summer power outage, or the system unexpected  crashes how to do?

Third, how European and American enterprises in China warehouse automation?

Understand  Nike's "top secret warehouse", you will find that even in such a huge  volume of storage and shipments, packaging relative to standard  enterprises, such as adult clothes, pants and shoes or less the same  model can basically use the standard size of the box, they It is also only fully automatic implementation of the sub-section,  from the entire warehouse management, they are still a semi-automatic  warehouse.

Fourth, the conclusion: my company should not be automated?

Quote Member Simon

Wen's  return to a statement, "The choice of automation and labor do not have  an absolute standard answer, according to local conditions, for their  own company like." There is no doubt that in China, the gradual rise in  labor costs, automation is an inevitable trend Although  it may cause some people's unemployment, it is not the trend of every  industry and every enterprise. This is closely related to the level of  economic development, industry maturity and industrial consumption  stability, corporate strategy and management, and corporate management  awareness relationship.

Automation  also does not mean that you must completely replace the labor with the  facilities and equipment, and the optimization of information and  processes will do a good job with less investment. For example, raw  material warehouses will be placed by product series instead of material  types and on this basis Consider automation and manual combination, should be more appropriate.

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