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Applications Of Intelligent Logistics System - Amazon China

- May 27, 2017 -

Amazon China has the world's leading product packaging line, order delivery platform, automatic sorting system and inventory management system. The Automatic sorting system is one of the most advanced, which makes the operation center can complete the order processing fastest within 30 minutes after the customer order, and transport goods automatically across the country from storage area to the sorting area, automatically identify destination and assign to the designated routes.


This system can optimize the sorting routes, product packaging, order processing to maximize efficiency. Sorting routes for example, under the traditional way of picking, every staff should walked 18 kilometers per day. After the data system optimization,  it's only about 6 kilometers, compared with the traditional method to save more than 60% of the path.


When consumers order in Amazon, firstly the amazon warehouse operation center processes orders sorting, packaging, outbound and such series of work, then the amazon's shipping network send goods to each distribution station, eventually send to consumers. the operating efficiency directly affects the order processing, can also determine the qulity of goods delivery.


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