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Analysis Of Different Racking Structure Features

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Generally light duty rack, medium duty rack and heavy duty rack are common warehouse storage racking system. The structure features of these warehouses racking are mainly as follows:


Firstly we talk about the light duty rack. The features are following:

Angle steel upright, boltless assembly type structure, warehouse racking can be combined freely, usually use the steel panel and each 500mm height adjustable, easy installation and disassembly, light and beautiful appearance, manual access, commonly used to store small items, and its investment is small and can be widely used in electronics, light industry, supermarkets, stationery etc.


For the medium duty rack, the features are following:

Boltless combined structure without connecting bolt, easy to install and disassembly quickly, steel panel is made by shearing and bending, stiffeners or reinforcing bars are welded under the steel panel, each 500mm height adjustable, the unit racking can reach 400kg load capacity per layer, square upright, front punch holes are small, more stable and widely used in variety of industries.


Finally when it comes to the heavy duty rack, the features are following:

The heavy duty rack is combined by uprights and beams which belongs to the step beam, usually can be configured by steel panel or wood panel, each 500mm height adjustable, the unit racking can reach 800kg load capacity per layer, the dimension can be customized according to customer’s requirements, the structure of the storage racking is suitable for such as manufacturing industry.

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