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Advantages Of Radio Shuttle Which Replace The Drive In Rack

- Aug 31, 2017 -

There are 4 advantages of radio shuttle which replace the drive in rack as following:


1. It can greatly increase the space utilization of the warehouse. After drive in rack is transformed into radio shuttle system, the utilization ratio of the original storage area can be increased by 30%. Of course, each project requires our engineers to make reasonable plans according to specific conditions.


2. It can make the whole racking system more stable. When converting the drive in rack into radio shuttle system, we use the beam to connect all the racking units. The whole racking system is more stable and secure.


3. It can improve the efficiency of cargos handling. After drive in rack is transformed into radio shuttle system, the operation of the radio shuttle system is more convenient than the operation of forklift which is convenient for the operator and improves the working efficiency.


4. It can maximize the use of the original racking system. The general structure of these two types of racking system is the same, the transformation is relatively simple. Only the beams are used to connect the existing racking units together. The rails are laid on the aisle between the racking, and the shuttle car can be used instead of the drive in rack forklift. As a result, it can maximize the use of the original racking system, and the reconstruction cost is greatly reduced.


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