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Advantages And Disadvantages Of ... Obile Rack Storage System

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Mobile Rack Storage System


Jracking electric mobile rack storage system is easy to control, safe and reliable. The system is composed of 100% selective pallet rack mounted on mobile based that move along tracks installed into the floor. With racks moving on the racks, an access aisle can be formed between the appropriate rack.


Advantages of Jracking Electric Mobile Rack Storage System:

1. Storage capacity is much larger than the average fixed shelves, saving space.

2. Suitable for a small amount of low-frequency custody.

3. Save the floor area, the ground utilization rate of 80%.

4. Direct access to each item, not limited by the FIFO.

5. Per unit area of storage can be raised to about 2 times fixed pallet racking.

6. Simple structure, easy to operate.


Disadvantages of Jracking Electric Mobile Rack Storage System:

1. Whole system design is a bit more difficult, need more attention, and slightly higher in manufacturing costs.

2. More electromechanical devices, maintenance difficulties. To install the track also need to destroy the existing ground.

3. Although trackless mobile shelves do not need to destroy the ground, the price is much higher than mobile storage systems with tracks.


Jracking Storage Systems is one of the leading Electric Mobile Rack suppliers in China, equipped with a professional and productive factory at your service. If you are interested in our automatic electric mobile pallet rack, welcome to place orders. They are all in line with the standard of CE, ISO9001, Q235, RMI, AS4084 and Q345. And the customized orders are also welcome.

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