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3 Secrets To Choosing The Right...Racking For Your Warehouse

- Nov 10, 2017 -

3 Secrets to Choosing the Right Storage Racking for Your Warehouse


When choosing storage racking for your warehouse, there are always some skills.

Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions will share 3 secrets with you:


1. Choose storage racking according to loading capacity.

First you need to determine what kind of goods to put on storage racking. For now, loading capacity of most light duty storage racking is approx. 200kgs per level. Of course there are different kinds of light duty storage racking with different loading capacity, so it is necessary to know the gross weight of your goods.

You may choose medium duty storage racking if you need loading capacity between 200kgs to 500kgs per level. Please note the columns, beams and steel panels are also different according to racking type.

2. Choose storage racking according to size of your goods and warehouse.

The size of your goods determines the size of storage racking. The size of your warehouse determines the layout of storage racking. Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions offers perfect design of both storage racking and warehouse layout according to your request.

3. Choose storage racking according to the shape of goods.

It is easy to understand. For example, for goods stored on pallets, choose pallet racking. For timber and pipe, choose cantilever racking. For goods stored in small cartons with lightweight, choose long span shelving.

Nanjing Jracking Storage Solutions offers various storage racking with good quality and reasonable price. If you want to choose the right storage racking by above 3 secrets, or just choose us.

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