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Multi Layer Steel Structure Platform

Multi Layer Steel Structure Platform

Steel Platform design is built with a solid universal beam that is longer, requiring less column supports. Thus, it gives more spaces as compared to racking. In addition, top flooring of the platform can be made of either plywood or mild steel plate. Features ● Increase the height of storage and...

Product Details

Steel Platform design is built with a solid universal beam that is longer, requiring less column supports. Thus, it gives more spaces as compared to racking. In addition, top flooring of the platform can be made of either plywood or mild steel plate.



Increase the height of storage and space utilization

Platform is mainly supported by uprights; space between each upright is about 5-6 meter. On account of abundant distance, it can be widely used and provides diverse access fictions which combined with rack

Divided by two floors as usual or multi-story floors in case; Using forklift truck and manual hydraulic trolley as handbarrow

Using hoister, conveyor or forklift between floors

Easy-installation: Professional installation instruction attached, and Jracking has professional installation team. p.s. If client need abroad installation guide, Jracking has professional expatriate PM, who can come for guiding according to client demandDetails Introduction

Frame section: Upright, major grinder, auxiliary grinder, floor, back-bracing/ top-bracing/ side-bracing, stairs and fence

Upright is mainly made up of circular tube and square tube; Major and auxiliary grinder is mainly made up of H steel; Connect to each other by screw

Floor is mainly made up of glazer floor, fix floor and auxiliary grinder by using interlock structure.

Back-bracing/top-bracing/side-bracing are mainly made up of angle steel which enhance the stability of whole platform


Interlock Powder Coated Steel Floor

Steel floors are the necessary part for the warehouse platform and mezzanine racking system. With the comprehensive engineering design and on site analysis and installation experience, JRACKING developed its unique functional and practical steel floors with interlocking technology. Floors can be overlaid against one another which make the work very easy. Locking devices below the floors ensure the stability after the installation. The floors also can be punched with holes for fire extinguishing purposes.


Galvanized Grating Floor

Multi-functional commercial warehouses, factories or construction buildings in most of the countries have clear fire extinguishing restrictions. Yet in some high-humidity parts of the world, rusty-proof metal material are commonly requested. JRACKING perforated galvanized steel floors were developed to be adapted and applied in both scenarios. Meanwhile, such kind of floors are usually integrated in the mezzanine rack systems for their heavy loading capacity characteristics. Fully loaded pallets can also be laid on the upper floors for convenient unpacking purpose.


Guard Fence

For the open platform or upper floor aisles on the edges, guardrail or fencing side is the necessary part of the whole structure. For mezzanine system, the fencing system can be naturally integrated by upright frames with saddle beams and spacing struts, while for steel platform without the frame structure, these guardrails can be made by bar-steel grating. High-level doors on the fence also could be opened for goods accessing by up-lifting vehicles or machines.


Accessing Gate

High-end platform sometimes require goods delivery entrance and exit. Forklift is the most popular vehicle for goods accessing, but for safety concern, high-end labor workers should not lean close to the opening gates in case of falling down.  JRACKING offers different accessing gates and doors for different vehicles and machines. The over-turn gate in the right image is one of the popular kinds for large platforms.


Fast-down Delivery

Mezzanine and platform is a solution for storage-space utility purpose, but for most of the time, goods that stored in the system are usually small-size packed, like carton or box. In this case, labor carrying of them would be the most common work for break-down accessing. Also for safety and convenience concerns, a sliding ramp or roller conveyer belt attached besides the structure would be easy for goods transferring from up levels to the ground without cost much on the electrical elevators.

Real Cases


We're one of the leading Mezzanines suppliers in China, equipped with a professional and productive factory at your service. If you are interested in our multi layer steel structure platform, welcome to place orders. They are all in line with the standard of CE, ISO9001, Q235, RMI, AS4084 and Q345. And the customized orders are also welcome.


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