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ProMat 2015

- May 27, 2017 -


Jracking took part in the ProMat 2015 in Chicago on March 25, 2015.

ProMat 2015 is the one show where you will see in person, in action the best solutions and innovations the industry has to offer and meet the leading providers face-to-face.

We showed the company’s latest products electric mobile rack, including the pallet and cantilever electric mobile rack.Many customers were very interested in our products. They took photos and left their contact information with the hope of future cooperation

Electric Mobile Rack is a high-density storage system with nearly total utilization of storage space. The system is comprised of 100% selective pallet racks mounted on mobile bases that travel on tracks laid into the floor. Racks move on the tracks, allowing an access aisle to be formed at the appropriate rack.

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