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Jracking (China) Storage System

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Jracking (China) Storage System

Stamping&shearing workshop

Jracking’s press shop carries several automatic punching equipment and steel plate shearers.   Taking the advantage of press machine and punching dies, forcing plates, strips, tubes and profiles into plastic deformation or separation, workpieces can be tailored in desired sizes and shapes. This method is majorly employed in punching uprights and shearing accessories so that the hole deviation of each 10m is no more than 0.1mm.



Rolling workshop

The manufactory plant of Jracking honors outstanding cold bending shape steel machine set.  Production lines with various molds are customized according to different products, most are used to roll beams/arms and uprights of pallet rack, cantilever rack and 55 longspan shelving, etc. Thanks to the professionalism and rich experience of Jracking’s workers, dies are debugged frequently according to different raw materials during the rolling process. As a result, the deviation of finished upright is no more than ±3mm in length, ±1-1.5mm deviates the center of the circle. All final products are guaranteed to fully carry out the instruction of drawings without any bending, scratching or ripple.



Welding workshop

Prior to the manual welding, Jracking’s staffs must make sure that every piece has the exact specification as its drawing states with the deviation less than ±1mm, welding bead must reach 4X4 mm, diagonal lines of left and right connectors (of beam and upright) must stay under 1mm, smooth degrees are controlled no more than 1mm.

During the welding, highly experienced workers need to firstly guarantee the accuracy of welding post and tooling, and then ensure its stability with the assistant of jig, tamp and stop pin, etc. In the process, welding deformation is fully considered so that products can meet high quality requirements. 




Jracking pays great attention to the pretreatment for the semi-finished goods, using as many as 9 steps.   

 Acid Pickling-Rinsing-Rinsing-Degreasing-Rinsing-Surface conditioning-Phosphating-Rinsing-Rinsing 

In the acid pickling, we use 30% hydrochloric acid to remove impurities such as oxidized surface, iron ion, etc. The hydrochloric acid concentration and reaction time vary according to different workpiece.

In the process of degreasing, the workpiece is ready to use when the PH value≧12.  Usually it takes 20-25 minutes. Degreasing agent will be injected if the grease is heavy, tilting can remove the grease so that phosphate film can easily adhered to.

In the process of phosphating, total acidity falls into 20 to 25, free acidity PH ranges from 0.5 to 1.2, accelerator PH ranges from 4 to 6. Generally, steel surface phosphating takes around 15-20 minutes.



Powder coating workshop

There are two powder-coating lines in Jracking and they fulfill different duties. The first line was built as early as the plant was founded. It can process at most 12m in lengths, 1.7m in heights, and 0.5m in width, drying temperature from 100℃ to 120℃. The curing oven supports temperature from 180℃ to 220℃. The long line qualifies for the production of 2000-3000 ㎡ semi-daily. The shorter line is the latest rectangular-ambulatory-plane powder coating line. It is mostly tailored for some products with smaller specifications.  



Packing platform

Jracking has an excellent packing procedure strictly following clients’ instructions. We pack products fully using the packaging scheme on the packing list in pallet packing and general wrapping. Pacing materials includes not only crossers and wooden strips, but also cants steel packing belts, pallets, PP packing belts, stretch films, iron frames, U-shaped parts, etc. 

Packing materials listed above play essential roles in protection, making irregular objects into regular shapes. Therefore, our clients can be benefited on loading and reselling. Packing specialists take great protections on their hands and foot, making sure all items is loading evenly in the container.


Finished product warehouse

We also have specialized warehouse for storing finished products temporarily. Adequate storage room support the capability of accepting order with no pause and waiting, as well as keep finished items exposing under the outdoor nature. Warehouse also allows quick loading and packing in the logistics.



Binning platform

Our manufacturer get products packed according to combined loading orders from production and sales department. Orders are divided into two parts: domestic and international. International orders usually are packed into containers while domestic orders are loaded in full-size trucks, mid-size trucks or cargo vans. Loading methods vary from forklifting to manual lifting. In each order, pallets are loaded via forklifts and general packing are moved by labor.  Sometimes both methods are employed under certain circumstances.